Legacy Websites, a new service or is it a product?

I’m really excited to be offering a new service called Legacy Websites. I met with a gentleman yesterday whose family gave him one for his 80th birthday. We are working with him to digitize his memories and turn them into a beautifully designed website for his family. The idea came from talking with a longtime client […]

Engagement on Facebook Post

Love to see a successful ad! The goal is always to achieve at least 10% engagement rate so anything above that is a home run! A bonus of havnig so many people “like” this post is that we got over 200 new likes on their page in the last week which is fantastic. It’s great […]

Is your marketing out of date or even worse, non-existent?

Is your marketing out of date or even worse, non-existent? It’s uncomfortable for a lot of business owners to take a hard look at their marketing. It’s outdated or non-exisistent. But you want to grow and therefore it’s time for a change. It may not be comfortable to do it, but it’s necessary and it’s […]

Best Marketing

I love what I do. Getting to meet and work with so many interesting, talented and passionate entrepreneurs over the years has been such a privilege. Working with bootstrapping, hard-working business owners who are just starting out or are changing direction is fun and challenging. We specialize in websites, re-branding and social media marketing. Digital […]

Facebook’s Business Model

Facebook’s business model has always been to sell ads. Never in the history of the world have people given more information to a single company and they turn around and sell it to their advertisers. We’ve been running Facebook ads for many years, almost since they first introduced it. They can be impactful, affordable and […]