AI and Social Media

“AI is fundamentally changing the way we interact with the internet and on social media. In the coming years, we’re going to see social following become obsolete. With AI powering what content gets seen, the number of users following a brand or creator will have a fraction of the weight on performance it has had […]

AI For startups

Game changer. Things are happening so quickly that it is impossible to keep up, let alone observe. For start-ups especially, AI and the tool I’ve become most familiar with, ChatGPT, provide an astonishing amount of intelligence at your fingertips. These tools can massively save time and money by replacing tasks and advice that you would […]

Legacy Websites, a new service or is it a product?

I’m really excited to be offering a new service called Legacy Websites. I met with a gentleman yesterday whose family gave him one for his 80th birthday. We are working with him to digitize his memories and turn them into a beautifully designed website for his family. The idea came from talking with a longtime client […]

Engagement on Facebook Post

Love to see a successful ad! The goal is always to achieve at least 10% engagement rate so anything above that is a home run! A bonus of havnig so many people “like” this post is that we got over 200 new likes on their page in the last week which is fantastic. It’s great […]