Review on Cove Consulting Services

What an honor to have the Quaich as a client for over a decade! Patsy Beattie-Huggan is a bit of an icon in public health promotion circles because of her tireless work with the Atlantic Summer Institute and the Circle of Health.

Island Artists Promotion

Have I mentioned before how much I love promoting Island artists? Their beautiful work makes it pretty easy

Engagement on New Facebook Page

Sometimes starting a Facebook page from scratch can be challenging mostly because of how the algorithms work. Facebook rewards engaging content with more views so when you’re just getting started it’s hard to get any engagement. Ideally when your page is doing well you can post organically (without any boosting or ads) and it will […]

Entrepreneurs are Optimistic

It’s extremely rare that I’ve ever met an entrepreneur that wasn’t optimistic. It’s a trait I admire very much in others and often will ask how they became so. I think it’s a skill, just like a muscle that you have to use to keep strong, and then it becomes a habit and then a […]

Review on Cove Consulting Services

Peter has been a client for a number of years and if I was moving to Cumberland County in NS then he would be my realtor of choice by far!! Thanks, Peter (of PETER SWAN – Royal Lepage Cumberland Realty)