AI: The Game Changer in 2024 Marketing Strategies

The leap into integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing isn’t just a step forward; it’s a quantum leap reshaping our connection with audiences, our content, and the efficiency of our workflows. Looking back at the excitement of the early Web 2.0 days (before it was called social media), nothing could have prepared me for the […]

Google’s Gemini AIvs ChatGPT – Basic

Diving into Google’s AI platform, Gemini,and comparing it to my experience with ChatGPT over the past year has beenvery interesting and helpful for my marketing business. Let me break downwhat I’ve found in simpler terms: Visual Interaction Gemini (Google): Excels in visual processing; you can upload a photo for analysis or receive direct search results […]

Targeting New Markets

Facebook ads give excellent analytics and data into who is viewing and engaging with your content. We can help with a campaign to grow your fans and potential client base by running and testing ads. Targeting the audience who will help share your message for you is one of the goals… ultimately you want them […]