The Green Wave

At first, I just wanted to help. People had been telling me for over twenty years that having two political parties on PEI was always just going to be red and blue. I could just never accept that. So, for the first time ever, I volunteered with a political party – knocking on doors to get Peter Bevan-Baker elected. The rest is history…

The next year I offered to help in the by-election when Hannah Bell ran, and managed the Facebook ad campaign. She won.

Then the dam broke in 2019 – it was an incredibly intense, short time frame and the ad spend was large. It was a full-time job for the month of March and everything came to a tragic, screeching stop on Friday, April 19th, when we learned of Josh and Oliver’s accident. All ads were stopped that evening.

Maureen has been a huge help with the Green Party of PEI Facebook page for the past couple of years, helping grow the party's Facebook presence to by far the largest of any political party on PEI. She has a real knack both for finding and creating good content to share on our page, as well as for working with any advertising budget we give her and applying it wisely. Having Maureen take care of our Facebook page saves our organization lots of time that we can spend on our core mission instead - it's so worth it!

Jordan Bober

The federal campaign I assisted by managing the social media ad spend. Two of the federal Green candidates, Darcie Lanthier and Anna Keenan, both came in second place – getting a historic amount of votes.

Maureen helped me out during an intense campaign period.
It was great for us to be able to tell her 'This is your budget' and just know that she had our backs and was going to do a great job. She also gave us helpful feedback on what we could do better, to help get better results. She's all results with no drama! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Anna Keenan

I have been hired toย manage the Green Party of PEI Facebook page and manage their advertising spend.

Maureen Kerr has been impressing me for about 20 years. I can't thank her or Kerr Consulting enough for the wonderful work on my campaign. We do other business together and I've never been disappointed, but this was above and beyond my already high expectations.
Thank you Moe! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Darcie Lanthier
CLIENTGreen Party of PEI
CATEGORYSocial media management, Facebook ads
DATENovember 2016
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