Atlantic Canada Digital Technology Grant

Grants are a great way to fund important projects to help your business level up. And with this grant of up to $2,400 who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Maybe your website could use a makeover, or perhaps your social media skills are lacking. If you provide services that customers and clients need to book appointments for, are you optimizing technology to make the process quicker and easier for both the client and yourself? This grant could get you on track and up to date with all your digital needs.

However, as many of you know, the process of applying for a grant can be tedious, cumbersome and downright frustrating.

Let Cove Consulting make the process easy and pain free!

Improve The Client Experience: Understand the power of E-commerce and social media

Selling online has become a fast-growing phenoma and there is no end in sight. In our ever-changing digital world, keeping up with trends and demand continues to be a challenge or struggle for businesses of every kind. That’s where Cove Consulting can help!

Get started!

Your time is valuable, so Cove Consulting is offering a free, no-obligation discovery call for potential grant recipients.

On this short 15 minute call we will discuss:

What stage your business is in with it’s e-commerce and social media presence

If you meet eligibility requirements for the grant

If we are a mutually beneficial fit

What you get

  • A free 15 minute call to see if your company meets requirements for the grant.

  • Application assistance or completion up to 60 minutes so that you don’t have
    to do the heavy lifting (one-time fee of $24.99 applies)

  • Complimentary marketing audit

Success Stories from Our Clients!

“Maureen has been awesome to work with and have as a consultant. I have seen an explosion of online business activity since we started working together to promote and market my pottery business. I highly recommend Cove Consulting for transitioning into the digital online retail world. Thanks Maureen.”

“Maureen was a pleasure to work with. Her experience and knowledge were key factors in the digital marketing strategy that helped to sell more tickets for our signature event, the Ottawa New Year’s Eve Charity Ball. I believe that her expertise with targeted ads and attractive content made a difference and contributed to our overall success.”

Horace Roxborough

“Maureen was a pleasure to work with and helped out during this Covid crisis by boosting my social media presence and offering assistance in moving forward with more online business. I was amazed at the difference it made during a time when I expected very little business at all!”

Corinne Peters

Take the First Step with a Free 15 minute consultation

Discover how Cove Consulting can help you navigate the application process, mitigate risk of rejection and get you on your way to improving your company’s digital presence. Click the link below to book your complimentary consultation.