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Do You Need a New Website?

We build affordable, easy-to-manage websites customized for you!

Websites are an extension of your brand identity, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. We have clients who have spent $20,000 or more on websites that have e-commerce functionality and generate tens of thousands in revenue every month. We don’t do websites like that.

Our specialty is boot-strapping entrepreneurs and organizations who want a well-built, easy-to-use website that they can access and be able to manage, and maintain themselves on an ongoing basis. 

A facelift for your old, outdated website is an affordable way to give your marketing a boost.  Prices for re-doing sites using existing content start at $750.  

Brand new basic websites start at $1,500, with funding available for qualifying companies. E-commerce websites have become increasingly important and start at $3,500 (with training included).

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Does Your Website Reflect Your Business for 2023?

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"If the opportunity arises, take a workshop with Cove Consulting. Maureen Kerr's enthusiasm and expertise are impressive and motivating -- a great way to get an entrepreneurial effort off the ground and soaring..”

“Maureen was a pleasure to work with and helped out during this COVID crisis by boosting my social media presence and offering assistance in moving forward with more online business. I was amazed at the difference it made during a time when I expected very little business at all!”

Consulting & Training

The Internet has given entrepreneurs a level playing field when it comes to promoting and marketing a business. Great! But what if you missed the memo about how to get onto the field? 

That’s where we come in. 

Our team has been immersed in the world of online marketing since 1999. We are generous with our ideas and time, and love sharing new things. We enjoy sitting with clients in a comfy space, and sipping tea, and we still enjoy using the phone for actual calls. 

We understand the foundational pieces of a marketing plan and have learned by doing for many years. We have also identified a significant gap. 

There are many boutique marketing companies out there, but most of them are helping companies learn the latest and greatest hacks. There are not many companies available that know the basics and fundamentals of marketing. 

“Maureen has been awesome to work with and have as a consultant. I have seen an explosion of online business activity since we started working together to promote and market my pottery business. I highly recommend Cove Consulting for transitioning into the digital online retail world. Thanks Maureen.”

Part-Time CMO

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, do you long for the knowledge, experience, and direction of a chief marketing officer (CMO) in your small business? 

Most business owners excel at the technical side of things, which is why most start-ups are born; the hairdresser loves transforming hair, the mechanic loves running diagnostics and fixing cars, the pie-maker loves creating sumptuous pastries. The unfortunate problem most entrepreneurs face is though they are passionate about what they do they often don’t know what steps to take to properly market their business.

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