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Legacy Websites are for those who want to digitize their memories, milestones and careers into a curated legacy website. Legacy websites are geared towards those who have had distinguished careers who would like their memories organized into a beautifully designed website using a content management system (CMS). We provide a concierge service to work one-on-one with you (or your loved one) to organize memories (photos, stories, articles, awards, etc.) into a digital scrapbook or portfolio.

This service is a gold standard for those who have had public recognition in their past and who would like to have control over curating their history into something more stylish than a Wikipedia page. It’s a wonderful way to pass on highlights of their lives to their children and grandchildren.

Patricia Beattie-Huggan

Patsy is a legend in the public health industry and has had a very successful career. We are working on a project to digitize  her memories and milestones of her career into a curated legacy website.  

We are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to organize her content in chronological order and have worked with her to help organize all of the content.

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