We Build Websites That Reflect Your Business

Our Website Makeover service is a natural extension of your old website, spring boarding on what you already have. We take the reins and make it happen for you.

If you’re sending clients to a poorly functioning, unattractive website that doesn’t truly reflect your business in 2022, your work will be wasted.

We have worked with dozens of businesses to bring fresh, functioning and beautiful website makeovers without spending a fortune or waiting forever. 

Kildare Lodge

Kildare Lodge, formerly know as Camp Kildare, was going through a complete rebranding and needed a website that included an online booking system. We were able to embed Cloudbeds into the site and include a lot of the beautiful photos from the area. Their old website needed a complete overhaul due to all new branding and included training for the new manager to be able to make changes herself. 

The Quaich Inc.

The Quaich needed help! Their website was over 10 years old and although it looked good, it was very difficult and expensive to update because they didn’t have access to it other than contacting the original website developer. Any changes would take a long time and could be costly. 

We worked with the Quaich team to refresh their website with the existing content and a few new features like registering online for workshops. 

The Circle of Health©

The Circle of Health© website was over a decade old and needed to freshen up the their look! They also had trouble accessing the website and had an outdated SSL certificate leaving the website exposed to hackers (which actually happened before we took the reins). We used WordPress to re-do the site and included training on how to log into their new site and make small edits (text and photos), as well how to update their new blog! 

Renewable Lifestyle

This poor website was quite outdated when we came to the rescue! One look at it and you could tell it was from 10-15 years ago. Along with a new look, Renewable Lifestyles offered new services and had so many happy new customer projects to add to their portfolio! They also need a new SSL certificate to make sure their site was secure and being indexed by Google. 

WM Services & Painting

WM Services’ old website was basically a template that the owners needed to jump through hoops to get any changes done on it. They were paying a lot for hosting so we set them up with a simple website that they could easily access and manage.

Young At Heart

This wonderful theatre company needed a website refresh, something affordable and accessible so that they could manage it on an on-going basis.  Porting over the old content from their original content and updating the design was the main priority as well as utilizing the blog for updates on the shows. 

IAQ Resource

IAQ Resource needed help! Their website was close to 10 years old and was showing its age. We were able to refresh and reorganize the content to make it brighter and more appealing for those seeking important information on indoor air quality. Tracking the traffic was important to the committee so Google analytics were set up to track the number of downloads and where the website traffic was coming from. 


Maureen worked with Sarah on her first website – MarcoMom in 2008. She created her logo and wordpress website which Sarah proceeded to use for 10 years. She made the plunge and opened PEI’s first vegan restaurant, My Plum My Duck, and as soon as she did, every restaurant in Charlottetown started offering vegan cuisine.

We had a lot of fun coming up with great content for Sarah and developing my favourite website (until this one). We managed her social media, Facebook ads, google listing and website.

Now, Sarah is back to her catering and selling her delicious soup CSAs and it was easy to refresh her website using WordPress and porting over her original blog posts. 

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