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As Cove Consulting hits its 17th year, and we’re thankful for the support that has allowed us to provide affordable, quality websites, digital marketing, and training to small businesses and organizations. This past year, we’ve integrated ChatGPT and AI technologies to enhance our services, making us more efficient and keeping us at the cutting edge. We are also grateful for federal and provincial funding which many of our clients in Canada have accessed for our digital marketing services. 

Our growth over the years has been fueled by referrals and long-standing client relationships, some over a decade old. Starting and running a business is tough, but support from our network has been crucial. Thanks to everyone who’s been part of our journey. As we look ahead, we’re focused on continuing to innovate and provide valuable services to our clients.


AI-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions

Harnessing our extensive expertise with AI tools, including ChatGPT, we craft marketing strategies along with data-driven insights, personalized content, and seamless customer interactions. Our innovative approach isn’t merely effective; it revolutionizes how you connect with your audience and expand your business. Check out our chatbot as an example! 

ChatGPT Training for Small Business Owners

Discover the transformative power of ChatGPT through tailored training sessions. We demystify AI, empowering you and your team to elevate marketing tasks with unparalleled efficiency. From content creation to customer service, learn to wield this avant-garde technology to your advantage.

Bespoke Web Design and Development

Our legacy of crafting distinctive, engaging websites is now augmented with AI optimizations. From enhancing user experience to boosting SEO and content relevance, our web solutions are designed for the digital age. Check out our portfolio! 

Long-Term Strategic Partnership

We extend beyond project-based engagement to become your growth partners. Focused on enduring success, we ensure your marketing strategy remains agile, adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Please read some of our reviews and recommendations from over the years! 

Why Cove Consulting?

Unmatched Experience and Expertise: Drawing from decades of digital marketing , we steer every project towards success, guided by our extensive knowledge and proven track record.

Innovation and Creativity: Our early embrace of AI and ChatGPT reflects our dedication to leading the charge in marketing innovation, providing you with cutting-edge solutions. We purchased the domain names: and over a year ago and these are a growing concern!

A Results-Oriented Compass: We set our sights on delivering measurable outcomes, driving growth, and fostering success through every campaign and strategy.

A Commitment to Partnership: Our journey with clients is built on mutual trust, transparency, and aligned objectives, fostering long-term relationships in our quest for digital excellence.

Young at Heart Theatre required a website upgrade, and Maureen Kerr and the Cove Consulting team did an excellent job of creating a web design that was user-friendly for us and our visitors. The new website looks great, and Maureen spent a lot of time with me to make sure they were giving us what we needed. Her attention to detail, and professionalism far exceeded our expectations.

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