Facebook Ads Provide Data

Facebook ads are not only affordable but are an excellent way to grow your profile. You can run ads to test different messages, promotions and target markets. Running ads can be very cost effective and targeted. 

In this example, the ad reached 7,359 people and although we usually aim for 10% engagement rate, this one was well over that with over 1000 engagements (likes, shares, comments or clicks) which makes it a home run! 

Growing a Page

It can be very difficult to start a Facebook page from scratch. Facebook’s algorithm is such that they reward content with more views that gets engagement but if you are starting with 0 it is next to impossible to be seen by anyone. We have a tried and true formula to grow a Facebook page and gain followers organically (as opposed to what some marketers do, just buying “likes” which are basically fake followers). 

After building a beautiful website for Stitch in Time Quilting Studio we had to let people know it existed so started a Facebook page. Because her beautiful quilts are so eye-catching, it drew people in and they wanted to share it which is ultimately the goal… find your tribe! We are able to run and test ads to find the target audience for your business.

Different Facebook Ads

In some cases, it does help to run ads to buy likes to gain some momentum on a page that is either brand new or hasn’t been used in a long time. At a cost of 7 cents per like… it’s worth it! 

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Off to the Races!

Getting your message or product in front of over 50,000 people can be helpful to your bottom line. Having the statistics that show an engagement rate of almost 17% is proof that your Facebook page is doing exceptionally well. Also, gaining 269 new likes in one month is a win!

Facebook’s stock may be on the decline right now but it still has close to 3 million active monthly users (as of July 2022).

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