Amplifying Creativity with AI Tools for Digital Marketing

Have you ever recruited family members to help out with your projects? I have had the pleasure of having my sons and nephews help me on different projects… and they have been super helpful and creative. It’s remarkable to me how they so easily pick up on some of the AI tools that we are using!

The younger crowd isn’t as intimidated by technology as those of us born before 1980. Learning about marketing is invaluable imho, especially in this digital age where we spend so much time on our devices. Understanding how digital marketing works can help us share what we’re passionate about and gain awareness around our addiction to our devices.

I’m a firm believer that the more creative you are, the better you can use AI. Tools like Sora and Midjourney are changing the game, with text-to-video and text-to-graphic capabilities. Midjourney is one of the AI tools I show my clients how to use in my training, and they’re always blown away by its capabilities.

Learning how to use these tools is incredibly important if you are a business owner or professional. The expectation that generative AI could account for a larger percentage of AI-produced data is being realized faster than anticipated, driven by its expanding applications in content creation, business analytics, and customer service.

The graphic below is from a simple prompt in Midjourney. And remember, spending time in a beautiful environment surrounded by nature, sun, and fresh air can help immensely with creativity. Have a great day! hashtag #AItools #digitalmarketing #creativity #Midjourney

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