Unlocking Digital Marketing Through Time

Back in 2010, my speaker’s kit (below) was all about unlocking the secrets of social media for business and navigating the digital marketing maze. Fast forward to today, and while my core mission remains the same—helping businesses and organizations—the tools, tactics, and tech have evolved in ways we only dreamed of.

Here’s a little then-and-now comparison:

🔹 Then: “Get ‘Friendly’ with Social Media” was about leaping from personal to professional use.
🔹 Now: It’s about integrating AI like ChatGPT to personalize user experiences at scale. We’re not just getting friendly; we’re making AI our business partner.

🔹 Then: Blogging was our go-to for thought leadership and SEO.
🔹 Now: We’re leveraging AI to not only generate content but to predict the topics that will resonate most with our audiences. Thought leadership has not gone away, and leaders will continue to rise to the top with original thoughts and storytelling.

🔹 Then: Facebook and Twitter were the kings of the social media world.
🔹 Optimizing across platforms, using AI to understand where our content thrives best, from Instagram to LinkedIn. Facebook has had amazing staying power.

🔹 Then: Video marketing was emerging as a powerful tool.
🔹 Now: AI-driven analytics to create video content that speaks directly to individual viewer preferences and behaviors. Video-to-text transcription, summarizing, analyzing, etc. Video and podcasting rule.

The More Things Change…
My mission is still the same: to harness the power of digital tools to tell stories, connect with audiences, and grow businesses. But as we watch the AI revolution unfold, I’m reminded of a quote often misattributed to FDR, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…and maybe robots.” Kidding, kind of.

I’m no tech bro. I’ve been in marketing for 25 years and the fundamentals of great marketing remain unchanged: it’s all about authentic connections, storytelling, and adding real value. These have stayed the same.

Looking Forward
As we continue to dive into AI and ChatGPT, I’m excited to bring everything I’ve learned from the past into the future of digital marketing and business strategy. It’s very rewarding to work with clients and help teach them how to use these tools where AI enhances our human creativity and insights rather than replacing them.


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