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We are a different kind of Atlantic Canadian marketing company. Cove Consulting appreciates the fact that you have a unique business with unique goals and a unique budget. We will take your goals and integrate them into a plan that will be attainable and sustainable, considering the amount you have budgeted. If you’re like many small business owners, you are extremely adept at what you do, but the thought of marketing your company might make you a little anxious.

You might also know that you should use the Internet to market your business, but you might not know how.

Take a deep breath. We’re here to help.

We will learn all about your business, what makes it remarkable, and how you’ve been spreading the word to date. We’ll do lots of market research, work with you to develop a plan (focusing on digital marketing strategies), and ensure that you’re on the right path to reach your goals. If you just want to “git ‘er done”, no problem. We can take the plan and implement it for you.


Marketing that is outside of the box, creative and compelling.


Digital marketing since 1999, specializing in social media since 2007.


We believe that authenticity and transparency should be part of every marketing strategy.

Young at Heart Theatre required a website upgrade, and Maureen Kerr and the Cove Consulting team did an excellent job of creating a web design that was user-friendly for us and our visitors. The new website looks great, and Maureen spent a lot of time with me to make sure they were giving us what we needed. Her attention to detail, and professionalism far exceeded our expectations.

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maureen Kerr of Cove Consulting and learned a lot about social media. She really helped promote my Janie-Nicole Leather FaceBook site, and I now have almost 998 followers. I also have increased my Canadian sales on my website since I started working with Cove Consulting.

Nancy Richmond
8. May, 2022.
Maureen’s advice and guidance helped so much in working with Facebook to help grow my following and to understand how marketing on Facebook can be beneficial. The skills, knowledge and experience she brings to the table are very valuable and she is also a kind and gentle soul. A nice combination of tech and soft skills for sure. Thanks Maureen for your support through my website design and business startup!
Paddy Dolphin
5. March, 2022.
Maureen constructed a beautiful website for me, that I found really conveyed the feeling that I was wanting to put out there regarding my very specialized health care business. She really was able to find images that inspired and created a wonderful mood for the website and she did this all for a very reasonable price. I enjoyed working with her and found that she was very interested in expressing what I was all about which I found extremely refreshing. Maureen also made sure that I understood how to manage my website and offered me tips in order to be self sufficient. I would certainly recommend working with Maureen- she is also a lovely person!
Giovy Rojas
14. February, 2022.
Maureen is a great addition to our new business project, her outputs and ideas are useful and in point.
Kate Clark
3. March, 2021.
Maureen is great to work with and very knowledgeable. I had a wonderful time working with her. Kate Clark Beadelicious
Julia Purcell
3. March, 2021.
Maureen decoded the Facebook Business platform for me at just the right pace. I am now a fearless convert to social media, using it to connect with people, having fun with it and getting my original artwork into their lives. I recommend working one on one with a consultant. Maureen is so patient and has good suggestions tailored to your business. Purcell Parlour Gallery & Red Lane Studio Clyde River PE
Willie Bevan
1. December, 2020.
Maureen Kerr is amazing. Could not have built Ella's Forest without her. She has put Ella's Forest on the social media lips of all Islanders. I am sure with her guidance we will soon tackle the world😍😍
Jane Henderson
29. October, 2020.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maureen Kerr and learned a lot about social media. She really helped promote my Janie-Nicole Leather FaceBook site and I now have almost 998 followers. I also have increased my Canadian sales on my website since I started working with Maureen Kerr.
Matty Doiron
21. October, 2020.
I had a great time working with Maureen at Cove Consulting. She helped us with our social media marketing this past summer. Knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with! Thanks Maureen!!
Paul Strang
20. October, 2020.
I've had the pleasure of contracting Maureen Kerr for a number of Social Media & Marketing projects. I would highly recommend Maureen based on her high performance, adaptability and commitment to your project. Maureen will be contracted again by our Western Economic Development organization when her expertise is required. Thanks Maureen
Nadine Robertson
24. July, 2020.
Maureen Kerr was recommended to me this spring when I started to consider developing an online component to my seasonal gift shop. The experience with Maureen was nothing short of wonderful. I did not know where to even start but she guided me along with great patience and professionalism. She was able to grow my online presence more than I ever considered possible. The exposure lead to online sales. Additionally, we had a large number of Islanders/Maritimers who specifically mentioned that they were visiting due to our presence on Facebook. I would highly recommend Cove Consulting for any business development project.

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