Seth Godin’s Take on Modern Marketing and the Value of Old-School Fundamentals

Seth Godin is known as the godfather of Internet marketing and he wrote the book on permission marketing. I’ve been following him for almost 20 years.

In this great interview, when asked about where permission marketing is nowadays, he replies “Narcissistic, short-term thinking, selfish, self-absorbed hustling marketers have ruined everything.”

“It offends me. It’s like peeing in the pool. It’s not helpful and ruins the pool.”

I pride myself on being old school. I am not a tech bro. I’m driven by old-school marketing fundamentals and principles that guide how we help our clients. AI and ChatGPT are used to partner with marketing fundamentals, but there is no quick fix. We’ve been using AI and ChatGPT in our agency for over a year and have learned much about AI’s best uses and strategies in digital marketing.

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