Marketing Classics Meet Modern AI in LinkedIn’s Latest Ad Strategy

I clicked on this on my LinkedIn feed. It sounded a lot like they were describing the age-old marketing funnel. I clicked on the link and it’s an ad for an AI tool to help you prospect on LinkedIn. I didn’t realize it was an ad so was confused. What’s going on, @LinkedIn? Okay, I read the advertisement for the fourth time. Now I get it. Was that their intention?!

I remember in 2007 reading “Flipping the Funnel” by Seth Godin. He suggested that after a prospect goes down your marketing funnel and becomes a sold customer, the funnel is flipped and the happy customer uses it as a microphone to tell everyone about how great your product/service is! Marketing principles remain despite the onslaught of AI. People like authenticity and thought leadership, which are challenging to convey through AI.

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