Looking back to 2007…

I don’t think this was my first blog post ever but more so my first business website and blog. It was 2007 and I was so excited to be sharing about “the new way to use the internet” Web 2.0! The phrase “social media” was relatively new to mainstream users of the internet and for […]

Influence of AI on the Internet

Thinking back to my first website in 1999 how exciting it was how long it took the developer to build from scratch and how innovative it was when all it was, basically, was an online brochure with a price tag of $5000.The emergence of Web 3.0 has sparked the same level of excitement in me […]

10 Reasons to Update Your Old, Outdated Website

Have you felt like you need to refresh your website or you don’t have enough views on it? Here are a few tips that may help you with those issues: 1. Improve user experience: An outdated website may not be optimized for current web design best practices, resulting in a poor user experience. 2. Increase […]