Exploring Boquete and Roger Immerman’s Hiking Adventures in the Valley of Eternal Spring

Boquete is located in a valley on the highlands and mountains of Panama, near the Costa Rican border. I’ve been coming here the past few winters and have met several long-term residents. Roger Immerman leads a hiking group and wanted a website. He leads hikes four times a week and also wants to have a blog to post helpful information. We used ChatGPT to translate the site into Spanish although we had my assistant, who is Spanish-speaking, do the final edit.

Boquete is known as the Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring for its beauty, fresh air, and incredible flora and fauna. Roger is 81 and has been here for 20 years. He provided most of the photos and video for his website which we’ve received many compliments on! He enjoys getting messages from people worldwide through his website, who join him on his hikes.


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