Legacy Websites, a new service or is it a product?

I’m really excited to be offering a new service called Legacy Websites. I met with a gentleman yesterday whose family gave him one for his 80th birthday. We are working with him to digitize his memories and turn them into a beautifully designed website for his family. The idea came from talking with a longtime client who didn’t know what to do with all of her boxes of memories in her basement. She has had a very distinguished, successful career working around the world and the boxes were full of articles, awards, projects, etc. She didn’t think her kids or grandkids would want them so I suggested we curate and digitize them, and turn then into a website. It’s turned out beautifully (still not quite finished, but close) and the next one I’m working on is for the gentleman I mentioned above who is a former dean of science of one of Canada’s top universities. He was born in the Holocaust and was the founder of a science centre. He’s been writing his stories and collecting photos and I will help him organize them. I feel honoured to be trusted by my clients to work with them on these very special projects and am looking forward to doing more. I’ve been building websites for 15 years and I noticed over the past few years that the majority of my clients were over the age of 60. Often I go to client’s homes and sit with them at their kitchen tables and help them with organizing their information so that we can turn it into a beautiful website (see our portfolio for examples). Not too many website companies do this.Our elders have so much to share, so many stories and history, and in this day and age we have the technology to capture it. I’d be delighted to talk to anyone who is interested. Book a time!

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