Marketing Is SO Much More Than Posting

To some professionals, marketing = promotion.

But I need to tell you that marketing is much more than that. And I’ve been saying it since 2007.

Marketing is SO much more than posting.

Much more than selling/generating leads.

Much more than getting followers.

Marketing is more about:

🌈 Building a community around your brand.

🌈 Having a relatable conversation with your target audience.

🌈 Adding emotion to the brand.

🌈 Working on a long lasting relationship with the customers.

So if you want to win with your marketing, you will need to start thinking about integrating those actions into your strategy. Being authentic helps.

For better results, I would suggest you follow great influencers in the marketing field and learn as much as possible from them.

Who are your favorites to follow? I have been following Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell since the mid-2000s. And Gary Vee since around 2009.

Using ChatGPT with your digital marketing can massively help your business. Let me know if you’d like to learn how!

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