The Incredible Potential of ChatGPT for Businesses

I spoke to a client who I did a training session with a little over a month ago where I introduced ChatGPT to him (he had heard of it but hadn’t tried it yet) and we brainstormed about ideas. We’ve been meeting regularly since then and he has since produced a massive amount of content for his go-to-market strategy and new website (by us), as well as a CHAT BOT!! The last time we met I had explained about the chat bot capabilities of ChatGPT… lightbulbs went off and he spent the weekend with his development team, using ChatGPT to help a chat bot for his tech company. This stuff is seriously insane.

The large majority of people I’ve been doing training sessions with are going to do pretty amazing things with it. I have been booked for a group of business owners in Halifax for the end of April and am offering one-on-one sessions by zoom on my website.

I’d be delighted to share this with you and brainstorm how it can help your business. Great for teams. Yesterday was a new client who said at the end that he felt the value of training session was thousands of dollars for what we produced in the 90 min.

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Ps – screenshot below of my son, Caden, who is at UPEI where his profs are on strike, so he’s been hired to help me 🤓

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