What are Legacy Websites?

Are you a baby boomer looking to reconnect with your past and explore your family history? Legacy websites may be for you.

Legacy Websites are websites that allow individuals to share and preserve their personal and family histories for future generations. Legacy Websites provide a space for baby boomers to share their stories and experiences with a new generation. It can be a way to pass down their wisdom and life lessons to their children and grandchildren, creating a lasting legacy that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

Legacy Websites are more than just digital scrapbooks. They provide a unique opportunity for baby boomers, who grew up in a time before the widespread use of the internet, to share their stories and experiences in a new and innovative way. These websites allow people to connect with their past and with their loved ones in a way that was not possible before.

Legacy Websites also have a broader value beyond just preserving family history. They can be a valuable resource for historians, genealogists, and other researchers seeking to learn more about the lives and experiences of baby boomers. By sharing their stories on a Legacy Website, baby boomers can contribute to a greater understanding of the history and culture of their time.

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One of the great things about Legacy Websites is that they are completely customizable. You can design your website to reflect your personality and interests, and add or remove the content as you see fit. You can also choose to make your website private, allowing only certain people to access it, or you can make it public and share your story with the world.

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